New Opportunities Opened in the IT Sector

IT Sector Calgary

There is no question that the IT sector in Calgary is going in the right direction. So it is the perfect timing to enter the industry to have a great source of income.

However, some might have doubts about their abilities especially if they do not have prior experience in the technology sector. Right now, these worries are taken away from you by means of training.

There is now a chance for non-techie individuals to be a part of the industry. The 6-month program will make people learn the basics of the IT sector. It is supported by the government to promote more opportunities for the major public.

InceptionU was the one awarded with the contract. The participants of the program will be able to train for free. The government will be the one to fund this 14,000 USD course. However, there are requirements for you to be qualified.

Furthermore, it will help you build a fruitful career in the tech sector. Students will work on three projects and learn from them. While on the course, the students are expected to learn the following:

  • Correcting your errors
  • Formulating new ideas
  • Surpass challengers

This month, a portion of the students will be in the pilot class. They are destined to take an entire stack designer program. Every batch is composed of 50 students and the growth of enrollees is increasing significantly.

The good thing about the tech sector is that you can use the skill that you obtain in other industries as well. It is projected that 300 more vacancies will be there for the Calgary Innovation center in the next 3 years. Calgary was also chosen by Test Driven Solutions as its headquarters here in North America.


The increasing number of openings requires more workforce. Other industries are very vulnerable nowadays except the tech sector. So a lot of individuals from other industries are making changes to their career paths.

It does not matter if you have no background in the tech industry. You’ll have tremendous support from the government with the help of InceptionU.

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