Lack of Labor Force Due to Workers Leaving Jobs

Lack of Workforce

The fact that people are leaving their respective jobs regardless of what reason imposes big risks. The most common factors of the lack of labor force here in Calgary are the following:

  • Workers quitting their jobs
  • The number of retirees increasing
  • Lack of applicants due to job mismatch

The number of workers that are quitting their jobs has increased in numbers. It tripled in numbers compared to last year. The tremendous number of people resigning from their jobs has a huge impact. More jobs are becoming effort and time-demanding which results in stress. Canada is no exception when it comes to this problem.

The sad fact is the higher positions are the ones that are mostly quitting. It gives a huge impact on the company as there will be chaos in managing the operations. It is stated that almost half of the population of senior managers were fed up thus making them decide to quit their job.

Some of them would choose to be in lower ranks to lessen their workload. This gives them work, life, and balance. As a result, it imposes a big risk on the Canadian labor market. It is also expected that the trend will continue until fall.

The Chances of Recovering

The onset of the pandemic is lowering the rates of people quitting their respective jobs by a minimal percentage. This is because people would want to have a stable job in these trying times.  It also gave people the notion that they must strive harder in life.

As the economy opens, there is a huge chance that this will be the solution to the problem. The way of working is now different compared to pre-pandemic. Work from home arrangements are now encouraged which is a big advantage to those who do not want to go outdoors for work. They would want to take their chances again in earning a decent living.

This also paves way for expatriates to transfer to Canada for work purposes. It will increase the demand for international workers while the interest of the locals in working is not that significant.

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