Anatomy of a Commercial Cleaning Company’s Brand in Calgary

Calgary cleaning company branding

Most business owners make the mistake of thinking that a brand is mostly about a logo, colours, slogan, signage, and other visual elements. The majority of marketing agencies also fail to understand what a brand is all about. Visit any website of a Calgary-based marketing agency and they’ll go on and on about “branding” but only show logos, colours, look-and-feel of websites, etc. What’s been described so far about branding is less that ten-percent of the truth.

When we met with Jared Sarbit of Picture Perfect Cleaning to discuss his commercial cleaning company, we were pleasantly surprised that he had such a well defined brand concept for his business.

The most important brand touch-point for a service business are the employees. The employees and their work ethic and personalities are your brand – the rest is, for the most part, just noise.

How Picture Perfect Cleaning’s Culture is Inspired by Nature

Picture Perfect Cleaning has transformed from a small janitorial service cleaning two coffee shops to a thriving company servicing over 240 properties across Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas. This growth is a testament to our dedication to maintaining a strong, vibrant company culture. One of the core philosophies that underpin our culture is encapsulated in the metaphor “Be the Bird.” Let’s explore how this concept has shaped our organization.

Be the Bird: A Metaphor for Unity and Growth

The concept of “Be the Bird” draws inspiration from the mesmerizing sight of a flock of starling birds flying in perfect harmony. These birds move together with such precision, creating stunning patterns in the sky. This coordination is achieved through constant communication and a shared sense of direction, where each bird adjusts its flight based on the movements of its neighbors. This natural phenomenon serves as a powerful metaphor for effective teamwork and a robust organizational culture.

Unified by a Common Goal

At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we believe that our success hinges on our ability to work harmoniously towards shared goals. Just as starlings synchronize their flight paths, our team aligns its efforts to achieve our collective vision. Clear communication and shared objectives are fundamental to our culture, fostering collaboration and ensuring that everyone understands and contributes to our mission. By maintaining a clear and consistent direction, we can navigate market changes and challenges with agility.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The fluid movements of starling flocks also emphasize the importance of adaptability in a dynamic business environment. Starlings respond swiftly to external factors like wind currents or predators, adjusting their flight path accordingly. Similarly, Picture Perfect Cleaning must remain flexible and responsive to market shifts, technological advancements, and evolving customer needs. We encourage a culture that embraces change and promotes continuous learning, enabling us to stay ahead in a constantly changing landscape.

Empowering Decentralized Decision-Making

One of the most fascinating aspects of starling murmurations is the decentralized nature of their coordination. Each bird responds to its immediate neighbors without a central leader dictating their movements. This collective intelligence and autonomy inspire our approach to leadership and decision-making. At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we empower our team members to make autonomous decisions, fostering innovation and enhancing agility. By trusting our employees to take ownership of their work, we create a dynamic environment where swift decisions and proactive solutions thrive.

Building Trust and Cohesion

The seamless coordination of starling flocks relies on trust and a strong sense of cohesion. These birds trust each other implicitly, which allows them to move together as one. Similarly, trust and cohesion are pillars of our organizational culture. We prioritize building positive relationships, fostering a sense of belonging, and promoting mutual support among team members. This trust-based environment not only enhances collaboration but also boosts employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

Cultivating a Thriving Organizational Culture

brand concept murmuration of starlings swoopingThe metaphor of starling murmurations offers valuable insights into building a strong and thriving culture at Picture Perfect Cleaning. By emphasizing effective communication, adaptability, decentralized decision-making, and trust, we create an environment where our team can work harmoniously and respond to challenges with agility. Just as the coordinated flight of starlings leaves spectators in awe, our cohesive and dynamic culture inspires our employees and propels our business towards new heights. At Picture Perfect Cleaning, “Be the Bird” is not just a philosophy; it is the foundation of our success and growth.

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