Calgary’s Top Social Media Marketer Exposes Over Priced Scam

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In 2015, David Howse was hired by Mount Royal University to build the Social Media Final Project course. This course was the capstone to a five-course social media marketing certificate at the University. Over the next ten years, David has taught about 60 classes and also developed the SEO, Google Ads, and Digital Marketing Metrics classes. But it was in the Social Media Final Project class where David heard from a student how her employer was paying $3500 a month for what David charges $400 !

her employer was paying $3500 a month for what David charges $400 !

Learning that companies were willing to pay $3500 for what would take David only a few hours was mind boggling to him. In a recent LinkedIn post, David wrote:

If you run a B2B company that is spending over $400 a month on social media marketing read this: Social media marketing strategies are very different than they are for a B2C. is a site I developed to help educate Calgary’s business owners on the uniqueness of B2B social media marketing.

Here are 4 B2B insights from my 30+ years in marketing:
(1) the market is smaller (obviously)
(2) expectations of frequent posts are lower (i.e.. you don’t need to post five times a day)
(3) often, it’s just one social media manager liking another social media manager’s posts
(4) social media is more important in B2B for (a) employment recruiting (b) team recognition and (c) stakeholder engagement
Visit: to learn more.

Also, the contract should be month-to-month. You’re not marrying your marketer so why do you need to be locked in with them?

With this in mind, we asked David for some tips for local business owners. here are his top tips on hiring someone to manage your social media marketing in Calgary:

  • Research the Market: Start by researching the average prices for social media marketing services in your industry. Compare the rates offered by different agencies or freelancers to get an idea of the standard pricing.
  • Define Your Needs: Clearly outline your specific requirements and goals for the social media marketing campaign. This will help you evaluate the services offered and determine if the pricing aligns with the value you expect to receive.
  • Ask for Detailed Quotes: Request detailed quotes from multiple service providers. Make sure the quotes outline the specific services, deliverables, and the estimated time and effort required. This will help you compare the offerings and prices more effectively.
  • Evaluate Experience and Expertise: Assess the experience and expertise of the service providers. A higher price may be justified if the provider has a proven track record of delivering successful social media campaigns and possesses specialized skills.
  • Check for Transparent Pricing: Look for transparency in pricing. Ensure that there are no hidden costs or unexpected fees that may inflate the final price. Clear and transparent pricing structures are indicative of a fair deal.
  • Consider Value Over Cost: Instead of focusing solely on the cost, consider the overall value you will receive. A slightly higher price from a reputable and results-driven provider may be more beneficial in the long run.
  • Negotiate and Review Contracts: Don’t hesitate to negotiate the pricing based on your specific needs and budget. Additionally, carefully review the contract to understand the terms, payment schedules, and any guarantees or performance metrics. Also, the contract should be month-to-month. You’re not marrying your marketer so why do you need to be locked in with them?

David can be reached at: (403) 991-8863

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