Calgary Jobs Report May 2024

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As Calgary witnesses a significant boom in construction, the city’s economic landscape is undergoing a profound transformation. This surge in construction activity not only reshapes the skyline but also has a ripple effect on the local employment sector, signaling a pivotal moment for job seekers and businesses alike. The importance of understanding the impact of construction in Calgary on the job market cannot be overstated, especially as the city marches through May 2024. This burgeoning sector promises not only to provide a plethora of construction jobs but also to influence labour trends across various industries, making it a cornerstone of Calgary’s economic vitality. For people with their ear to the ground, there’s no need to wait until June or July for the Calgary Jobs Report May 2024; these people see the activity daily. The ultimate reason unemployment is so high in Calgary is because the Federal Government put zero thought into job skills of immigrants and its impact on Canada’s cities nor a plan in place to give immigrants immediate training upon entering Canada.

In February 2024, the Calgary Economic Region (CER) witnessed a notable decrease in the three-month moving average unemployment rate from 6.7% in February 2023 to 6.3% in February 2024. This period also saw a significant growth in the labor force by 4.9% year-over-year, with employment rising at a faster pace of 5.4%, leading to the drop in unemployment rates. By April 2024, however, the unemployment rate escalated to 8.0%, marking the highest rate since March 2022, despite continued growth in the labor force and employment.

As of April 2024, Calgary’s unemployment rate reached 7.7%, marking a significant increase from previous months. This elevation is attributed largely to a growing labor force, which surpassed one million individuals for the first time. Concurrently, the province of Alberta observed an unemployment rate of 7.0%, reflecting a broader regional trend.

One shining spot in employment in Calgary has been the construction industry. As a result of terrible Federal Government planning, Calgary has seen a massive influx of new residents. As Ottawa forced a housing shortage upon the city along with an increased unemployment rate, Trudeau’s leadership has pinned the construction industry into a difficult place. One company for sure is helping lead Calgary out of a housing shortage – Rohit Communities.

Rohit Communities Brings 1000s of Jobs to Calgary

Ground has been broken in the new community of Heartwood, which encompasses over 200 Acres of land in Southeast Calgary.

Rohit Communities took a significant step forward today with the official ground-breaking ceremony of Heartwood, a new 200-acre community in Calgary’s Southeast. The vision for Heartwood is a neighbourhood rooted in craftsmanship, timeless materials and quality design.

The future community includes a future school site, four planned parks with ample

green space, a wetland & pond area and over 4 acres of planned neighbourhood commercial spaces. The project is the first neighbourhood in Calgary by Rohit Communities.

Heartwood is strategically located at Seton Boulevard and 52nd Street SE, Calgary, Alberta. It’s a community that offers the best of both worlds –  the tranquillity of a suburban lifestyle and the convenience of being steps away from the state-of-the-art South Calgary Health Campus hospital, across the street from the world’s largest YMCA, and from all major amenities.

As construction commences in Heartwood, we are embarking on an exciting journey of eight phases of development. Over the next five years, we anticipate the construction of 2000 new homes, each a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Heartwood is an architecturally controlled community that offers modern, complementary roof lines and simple home shapes around wide entryways. The community will have various home types, including townhomes, duplexes, and rear-laned and front-garage homes. The builders in the community include Bedrock Homes, Rohit Homes, Genesis Builders, Jayman Built and Trico Homes.  For more information on the community, visit

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