Calgary Business Owner Tells Sentiments About Racism

businessman against racism

There is a customer who has sent a hideous message to a Calgary business establishment. The business owner was surprised upon receiving the message. It made him disappointed.

The said establishment is the Great Meats which is an online meat distributor. President Ky Ly has said that the post is racist.

The company has garnered a lot of sales since the pandemic started. As an online meat distributor, it became popular because of the health sanctions imposed by the government throughout the country.

The Great Meats’ president reiterated that they already have been in the food industry for several decades. He insisted that they are only using Canadian beef, chicken, and Alberta pork on their products.

The frustrated customer was just confused that is why she reacted that way. She mistakenly thought that Can Fung Oriental Food and Great Meats were two different companies.

Hate Towards Asians

The company is a subsidiary of Can Fung Investments Ltd. So the customer had a misconception that the meat came from a certain part of Asia. The customer has this thinking that every meat that comes from Asia is low in terms of quality.

The prevalent hate that Asians are receiving is abundant in the western world. The perpetrator has not received any charges yet.

Although racism is offensive, it cannot be considered a criminal act unless physicality is involved. The people in Calgary are encouraged to report those kinds of incidents.

Ly was very positive that this kind of mindset will change. This will make every part of the world a lovelier place to live in.

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