Business Sector Recovery Amidst Pandemic

Business Sector Recovering

How to manage the pandemic and the happenings throughout Calgary is the topic of Deborah Yedlin. She is the current Chief Executive Officer of Chamber and the chancellor of the University of Calgary.

She also used to write articles before for the Calgary Herald. Her appointment at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce just happened recently. After more than a year of experiencing pandemics, restrictions are now lifted.

However, its effects on the business sector are evident. As a result, people are more focused on how to recover. Things become more challenging because there are leader shifts in the city. One example is the Calgary Economic Development, there will be a new CEO coming in a few days.

Aside from that, the municipal election in the city is getting near. The Chamber’s former CEO has stepped down because of the difficulties in the pandemic.

The Priorities

Since Calgary is composed of a wide array of small enterprises, they must not be taken for granted. Such businesses must get back to operations without compromising health safety.

The economy must run without getting people infected with the virus. Even though there is a struggle in the downtown businesses, some other industries have experienced expansion. The ability to understand open opportunities in the city is crucial in these trying times.

Calgary will be the instrument to have diversified economic functions not only in this city but in the whole country as well. The motivation to cope up with the devastating loss from COVID is the best weapon. The accessibility to different markets will make the city rise against challenges.

Changing Calgary’s Channel

Before when the gas and oil industries prevail in the city, people become close-minded. There are lots of other opportunities out there that were tending to be overlooked.

There is a projection of oil prices to remain below satisfactory levels, diversifying is a great thing to do. The usage of skills of Calgarians on other forms of business will be a big help.

Energy Sector and Tax Issues in Calgary

Being a positive thinker is a great mindset. Using it in the right way makes it even better. The goal of net-zero which involves both the environment and fuel source is great advocacy. The city might be acknowledged globally for clean energy.

There are also issues with the tax shift because of the lack of workforce in the downtown offices. The solution might be in the stability of enterprises. Furthermore, the taxation rates must be transparent.

Long-Term Solutions

Being hands-on with the development of the people must be the main focus of the business sector and the government. It will do a lot of great things to the economy.

Aside from that, we must also put importance on the infrastructures of the city. Better infrastructures mean more opportunities. It is a long-term investment and will surely increase the productivity, quality of workers, and can attract more investors.

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