British Tech Firm Aims Calgary as Headquarters

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The organization that is responsible for the numerous consultants on the different sectors such as energy and health is finding its way to a new headquarters in Calgary.

Last April, Test Driven Solutions also known as TDS has experienced a lot of growth in their organization. Their operations have expanded throughout Europe and it was revealed in a recent interview.

Right now they have offices in the following locations:

  1. Newcastle, England
  2. Wroclaw, Poland

So having intensive growth on their operations means they need to have more offices as well. One best choice is having an office here in Calgary. It is a big move and will surely make the firm more popular globally.

There is no doubt that the North American market brings a lot of opportunities for businesses. So it is a great place to expand every business.

The business analysts have found this as an amazing business move. This is because there is a study from Wastewater that tells that Canadians take more drugs than any nation in North America. The statistics have increased since the onset of lockdowns.

Calgary is just right for the environment needed by TDS to grow more. Sam Clark the founder of TDS has emphasized that he knows the potential of Calgary when it comes to entrepreneurship. Since he has worked in Alberta before, he has an idea of what to expect there.  He is ready to deal with Canadian clients and include them in their roster.

What TDS is all about?

TDS is responsible for the distribution of software consultants. Regardless of the size of the project, they can cater to their clients.

Aside from software consultants, they are also known to provide the following talents to their clients:

  1. Software developers
  2. DevOps engineers
  3. QA engineers
  4. Technical architects

Right now they have clients in diversified sectors of the society such as health, finance, and renewable energy.

The office will be situated in Bankers Hall. This is just in time since there is a rampant growth of the tech industry in Calgary. This will increase the employment opportunities in the area. More innovations are yet to come as the organization is welcomed freely by Patrick Mattern, vice-president of business development at CED.

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